Artik allows artists and designers to receive constructive feedback on their work, share ideas and opinions, and join a digital creative community. Whether you need feedback on an idea or a work in progress, we’ve made sure to provide an experience tailored to your needs. Receive feedback on completed or ongoing works in any creative field.Inspired by numerous conversations with professionals in the art and design industry, we’ve created a simple yet highly effective way to receive feedback on your work. All you have to do is select or create the criteria you want feedback on. Based on your selection, you’ll get a strong sense of what is working for you, and what could be improved. Stay up to date with what artists and designers are making today. Artik is a digital space for creativity and collaboration, and a new way to discover emerging artists. With Artik, you’ll be exposed to a range of artists working in a diverse scope of creative fields. Artik allows you to learn form other people’s work, as well as your own. After giving someone feedback, you’ll be able to see what others think as well; from their initial reactions to the core strengths of their work.